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Skin Tears can be classified by the degree of the severity and loss of the epidermal tissue using several systems, STAR and ISTAP

Skin Tear Classification System

  • elect appropriate cleanser and cleanse wound
  • issue alignment
  • ssess and dress
  • eview and reassess

(Stephen-Haynes and Carvill, 2011)

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Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
Without tissue loss: Two sub categories: Full thickness skin loss:
In a linear or flap type skin tear. The dermis and epidermis have been pulled apart, as if an incision had been made. Scant = less than 25% of the epidermal flap lost. The epidermal flap or tissue is absent in the type of skin tear.
Moderate = more than 25% of the epidermal flap lost.

(Ousey, 2009,Stephen-Hayes 2017, Idensohn 2019)