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A non/adherent atraumatic contact dressing, soft silicone or silicone impregnated dressing will secure the flap yet be easily removed. (Ewart 2016) Other dressings recommended
by ISTAP include where appropriate, foam, alginate, gelling fibre and hydrogel dressings. (Idelsohn 2019) Please refer to local policy
The dressing can be marked with an arrow to indicate the correct direction of removal to prevent further trauma. This to be clearly explained with in the patients notes to ensure continuity of care.

The following dressings are not recommended for the treatment of skin tears:

  • Iodine-based dressings
  • Films/hydrocolloid dressings
  • Skin closure strips e.g. Steri-strips
  • Guaze

(LeBlanc 2018, Idlesohn 2019)