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Prevention of Infection

Ideally prevention of wound infection is preferable, but this is not always possible. Prevention should be focused on introducing and applying strategies to reduce the individual’s risk factors and establish clinical goals. Where appropriate, this should be done in conjunction with the individual, their family and/or caregivers (IWII, 2022).

For health care professionals, the foundation of preventing infection is in a back-to-basics approach that includes the following:

  • Hand hygiene/decontamination
  • Use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Good waste management
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Management of the patient’s environment

Health care professionals caring for people with wounds should be aware and understand the relevant, up-to-date local/national/international guidelines and follow the back-to-basics approach to reduce the risk of infection.

Infections and the risk of infection should be documented to identify patterns and associations, which may help to reduce incidence. Multidisciplinary communication and a collaboration approach involving the individual and family/carer is key to prevention and, if unavoidable, management of infection.