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Classification of Cellulitis

CREST (2005) and Eron (2000) have classified cellulitis into four categories depending on the severity of the infection. Furthermore, cellulitis can be either wet or dry, both of which will have an impact on the patient’s quality of life. Both wet and dry cellulitis will be very painful and pain management should be a priority.

Class I Patients have no signs of systemic toxicity, no co-morbidities and can usually be managed on oral antibiotics on an outpatient basis
Class II Systemically well or systemically unwell with a co-morbidity which may complicate or delay resolution of their infection
Class III Systemically unwell with unstable co-morbidities which interfere with a response to therapy or have a limb-threatening infection due to a vascular compromise
Class IV Sepsis or severe life-threatening infection such as necrotising fasciitis

(Eron, 2000 - Infections of Skin and Soft Tissue)