Course intro

Whilst the STV endorse the quality of the educational content we cannot be responsible for the method of delivery, physical structure or learning techniques associated with endorsed education. This module is ideal for understanding wound dressing selection.


This module has been through rigorous reviews to achieve endorsement from the Society of Tissue Viability, so it can be used with complete confidence. The endorsement confirms that this module provides clinicians with:

  • High-quality education that meets stated learning objectives and outcomes
  • Material that is free from product bias or promotion
  • Education that is evidence-based
  • Education that is fully accessible to members of the general wound care community

Time Required

Estimated time to complete course: 4 hours

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, you should:

  • Identify the indications for each type of dressing and wound management product
  • Describe the composition of a product and how it affects its performance
  • Demonstrate how to select an appropriate dressing or treatment for a wound
  • Explain the concept of the ideal dressing
  • Analyse how different dressings can contribute to the optimal healing environment

certificate of completion

In order to receive your certificate for this module, it is necessary to successfully complete the final quiz with a minimum score of 80%.