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Topic One: Traditional Wound Care Products


These dressings often comprise of an absorbent pad with an adhesive backing. They can absorb excess wound fluid, maintain a sterile environment, and provide a protective barrier against bacteria and further trauma. These dressings are commonly used post-operatively in surgical wounds for the protection of acute surgical incisions.


Although low adherent dressings have little or no absorbent capacity and do not provide a moist wound healing environment (Dealey, 2005), their usage is widespread.

Low adherent dressings are available with or without an adhesive border. Those without an adhesive border need to be secured with tape or covered with a secondary dressing.

Low adherent dressings should only be used for wounds with low exudate, as there is little absorbent capacity, they can be used to ‘carry’ a dressing such as a hydrogel (Benbow, 2005). This type of dressing does not provide a moist wound healing environment, although they are mainly used as a primary dressing on wounds healing by primary intention (i.e. surgical wounds).